Le Creux des Fées Le Cliot di Tserafouin

(The Fairies Hollow)

The solar adventure of this album starts with the ethnological work and research into the owners of the traditions of the Patois dialect. It is about finding the trails of people who still have this knowledge. Then, from past memories, some texts emerge. Harsh and vibrant, they carry, like vast glaciers, an eternity that only natural elements could suggest. The living and dead unite and the human state is defined in the heart of every word.

The emotional strength and the density of Laurence Revey’s repertoire call on a few angels who watch over her creations. The music then becomes a matter of meetings:

Hector Zazou acts as a mentor throughout the project, strengthened by his experience for the Real world label and by taking Laurence Revey on tour in Italy. The album is mixed by Jean-Michel Reusser, who comes from the same musical background. Gabriel Yacoub, who fronts the group Malicorne, features on the track “Brave Soldat”. The Norwegian trumpet player Niels Petter Molvaer (Khmer / ECM) provides a promising collaboration. Brian Cullman, American producer of the World Music genre, lends a vibrancy to the festive “Allélouya”.

Christian Jacot-Descombes

1   Dë l’âtri lâ (Pastourelle)
2   Allélouya
3   Breche lo (Lullaby)
4   Colchiques et le Tourbillon Lent (Autumn Crocus)
5   Blan ë nèc
6   La Fillöja et la Danse du Rouet (The Spinner)
7   Brave Soldat (Brave Soldier)
8   Rossignolet (Little Nightingale)
9   La Complainte de la Blanche Biche suivi par Tam da ram
(The Lament of the White Doe)
10   L’Ombre (The Shadow)
11   A möng Parré (To my father)
12   Le Clocher de mon Village suivi par le Cliot di Tsèrafouin
(The church tower of my village – The Fairy Hollow)
Le Creux des Fées – Le Cliot di Tserafouin
muve 901662
Muve recording - 1999