Le Creux des Fées - the Remixes

The sound producers

1. Transglobal Underground - La Pastourelle

In 1994, this multi-racial group, based in London, introduced the singer Natacha Atlas to the world and with “International Times", they produced one of the first records fusing techno and world music. Transglobal Underground beefs up the beats whilst retaining the whispers of the Valais fairy.

2. Mich Gerber - halleluya (original : allélouya)

This virtuoso double bass player from Bern has been, since the middle of the last decade, one of the essential figures on the new Swiss scene. Trained by rigorous classical and jazz schools, this artist invents ambient harmonies with his stringed instrument, which once looped produces an electronic and organic fusion. In his hands one of the main tracks of the album travels between gravity and sensuality.

3. Bugge Wesseltoft – Berceuse (Lullaby)

Born in 1964, this Norwegian pianist is one of the essential figures of an emerging movement called “Electro-Jazz". Wesseltoft, who frequently collaborates with his fellow countryman Nils Petter Molvaer, quotes Ravel, Herbie Hancock and Kraftwerk as his main influences. In “Berceuse" he uses dub and drum ‘n’ bass sensations with a hypnotic result.

4. Nils Petter Molvaer - L'Ombre (The Shadow)

This Norwegian trumpet player, born in 1960, is the sensation of the prestigious jazz label ECM. He came to prominence thanks to his album  “Khmer", Molvaer recently published the acclaimed “Solid Ether", an album somewhere between jazz and electronica which recalls the eclectic and adventurous Miles Davis of the 70s. With him, “L’ombre" becomes a techno epic, brief and urgent, playful and new.

5. Gus Gus - La Complainte de la blanche biche (The White Doe’s Ballad)

In two astounding albums (“Polydistorsion" & “This Is Normal"), with a cheeky mix of hallucinogenic pop and festive electronics, this collective from Reykjavik has proved, alongside Björk, that Iceland is the home of exceptional music. Approached by Laurence Revey during the Montreux festival, Gus Gus converts “La complainte" into a dancefloor friendly techno fever.

Jean-Philippe Bernard

1   transglobal underground
pastourelle (shepherd’s song)
2   mich gerber
halleluyah (original : allélouya)
3   bugge wesseltoft
berceuse (lullaby)
4   nils petter molvaer / eivind aarset
shadow / light (original: l’ombre)
5   gus gus
la complainte (the lament)
Le Creux des Fées - The Remixes
muve 902092
Muve recording – 2000