Derrière le miroir

(Behind the mirror)

Long awaited for by those who have seen her on stage, Laurence Revey’s first record is the result of a meticulous conception. This album owes a lot to the work of Chris Birkett. The London based producer of the album is credited with well known songs such as " Nothing Compares 2U ", originating from a collaboration between Sinead O’Connor and Prince.

First released in Switzerland where it broke sales records for a first album, " Derrière le miroir " was released in France by the label " Night & Day "

Laurence Revey is regarded as an emblematic singer of our era where the world and its music are within reach, resonating between earth and words. For example “Préièré” is a very beautiful song in Patois, a local dialect, in which Laurence’s voice carries us back to the mountains, where the dialect is spoken with roughness and vigour.

Last but not least, she offers us a beautiful yet stripped down cover version of " Round Midnight "from the jazzman Thelonius Monk with the lyrics from the legendary French jazz singer Claude Nougaro.

Christian Jacot-Descombes

1   Derrière le miroir
2   Kiss me
3   La nuit coule…
4   Prèïèré
5   îl (amoureux secret)
6   Fragile
7   (il y) Aura
8   Bouge
9   Puisque je t’aime, pars
10   La lune et les temps
11   You don’t know where love has gone
12   Only stone
13   Autour de minuit
Derrière le Miroir
CD 38049
Fun Key -1997